About Us

The story of our artists

Making art work
There are over 9 million independent artists in the world who can't make a living from their art. That just doesn’t add up. ArtFarady is a marketplace that champions these artists and enables them to build a career from their craft. Our artists are making art work for themselves (and for you) in their own way.

A real community
Members of our global community of artists have built long lasting relationships with each other and with art lovers all over the world. We believe in those interactions, and that's why we're proud to see thousands of conversations happening between artists, customers and fellow artists every day on ArtFarady.

Support the maker

Whether you’re an art lover, or just art curious, we connect you directly with independent artists around the world. From painters and printmakers to sculptors and photographers, each artist sells on their own terms and controls everything from pricing to packaging. It doesn't get much fairer than that.

E-mail: info@artfarady.com